One of the olders cities in Spain

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain with a million inhabitants. Located on the Mediterranean coast this city has experienced tremendous growth in recent years.
The construction of the Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias, the museums, operas and the Oceanogràfic of the famous architect Calatrava have changed the classic image of the city by a modern one.
She is known for major sporting events like the Copa América sailing race or hurban circuit of Formula I.
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His history

Valencia was founded as a colony in 138 a.c by the Romans. She is one of the oldest cities in Spain. During the war between Pompeyo Magno and Cneo Quinto Sertorio the city was completely destroyed in the year 75 a. C. It was rebuilt 50 years later.

In 711 it was occupied by the Muslims who bring their religion and customs.
Jaime I of Aragon reconquered the city and give it to the nobles who helped him during the Reconquest.

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Churches and Cathedral

The Cathedral of Valencia:
Sacred in 1238 following the reconquest, it is dedicated to Santa María according to the wishes of Jaime I and the tradition of the time. Its bell tower is called "Miguelete".
Iglesia San Juan del Hospital:
First church of Valencia built in 1240 on a mezquita, Priore of the Knights of the Order of San Juan of Jerusalem.
Monastery of San Juan de los reyes:
Jeronimo monastery built in 1548. In 1821  this branch of Jéronime disappear and it becomes reformatory. In 1823 the priests returned to it.

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Museum of Arts in Valencia
San Pio V

Art museum. Located in the former monastery del carmen calzado.

During the Spanish Civil War the paintings were put in Padrado in Madrid. After the war the museum direteur tried to get them back.

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Oceanografic Valencia
by Calatrava

The largest aquarium in Europe with 42 million liters of Water.
It has over 45 000 pieces of 50 different species, such as dolphins, penguins, sharks, turtles, rays, sawfish, a beluga, starfish, shellfish,