isla de tabarca

Tabarca Island is the only inhabited Valencian region island. It is one of the most important marine reserves of Spain.


At 22 km from Alicante and only 8 km from the port of Santa Pola. It is a beautiful island to visit during your vacation.


It's small, about 1800 meters long and 400 wide, but has a natural wealth: nature, sea and landscapes.


A long time ago it was a refuge of pirates. In the eighteenth century, King Carlos III fortify the town for the houses of the fishermen families of Genoa who were prisoners in the city of Tabarca in Tunisia. It is so when they reached the island they give its present name. San José tower measures 82 feet high and was used in the nineteenth century as a state prison.


Its waters are a marine reserve since 1986 and you can see a large variety of plants and marine species. The oxygen produced by plants purified and enriched the water which is transparent and of excellent quality.


About 1 hour boat from the Benidorm harbor, 30 minutes by car or 10 minutes by boat from Alicante.