History of Benidorm

diosa tanit

Iberians & Romans 


In Benidorm where discovered, found remains of an Iberian town and of the Roman people. After analyzing the pieces found it appears that the rich Romans came on vacation to our city. There are remains of the old Roman city.


The tosal Creek whas a former Ibero sanctuary where the stone statue of the goddess Tanit was found. Roman pieces like spears (Pilum), pieces of military items, pieces of bones for writing (Stylus) and culinary pottery were also found.

reconquista cristiana

The reconquest and the first city maps


During the reconquest of Spain it seems that there where at that location a small Arab community, probably a very little one, because it does not appear in the writings of Jaime I of Aragon who reconquest this part of the province of Alicante in 1245.


The land of Benidorm and all others in this region were given to Admiral Bernardo de Sarria, feudal lord who was considered the true founder of this city, making the first card of Benidorm in May 8, 1325 and he built the castle and the Christian village. This document delimitated the town.

In 1335 the seigueur of the land was the Infante Pedro de Aragón and of Anjou and his son Alfonso de Aragón y de Foix. Then the town was sold to the noble Ruy Díaz de Mendoza, who because of financial DIFFICULTIES must sell it.

ataques berberiscos

Pirate attacks


In 1410 the city suffered attacks by Berber pirates. First in 1410 and second in 1448, which was terrible, because hackers took away most of the inhabitants to make them slaves.


In 1520 there were almost as many inhabitants of a new attack by pirates coraires Muslims.

Finally the sixteenth century the city grows and its castle.

benidorm antaño

Improving life quality


In 1666 the improvement of defenses of the city and the establishment of a system to bring water to the city from the mountains of the hinterland attracts many new residents. 


This will help to cultivate the land and improve living conditions.

almadraba benidorm

Fishing with Almadraba


In 1715 the population was 216 inhabitants and passes 2700 to the late eighteenth century thanks to fishing.


This town becomes specialist in fishing with "almadraba" tuna fishing during their migration journey. They become known throughout the méditéranée (and our day the famous Cadiz fichers are descendants of Benidorm). This fishing method comes from phénitiens.

castillo de benidorm


The war


During the War of Independence Napoleon's troops destroy the cemetery and occupy the castle.


Later during the war the English destroy part of the castle

turista benidorm

The tourism boom


Its ideal location and its mild climate during the siglo XIX makes the firt timidly tourist adventures. In addition to améliortion of  comunication with the cities of Madrid and Alicante.

Another important factor is the economic crisis in other sectors of the region, the crisis of Shipping by the loss of the last colonies in 1898 Cuba, Puerto Rico and Filipinas.

In 1925 the expansion of the port and the first chalets are built on the beach. In 1952 the city decided to improve tourism, make beautiful streets and avenues that respects and armony with the beach and the sea. Building respect for the environment.

In 1967 with the construction of the airport of Alicante allows tourists from all over Europe to come on holiday in "Charters".