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Spend an afternoon in Guadalest


This small town is surrounded by three mountains: Aitana, Serrelle and Xorta. The village emerges from the mountain in a natural environment of charm.


Discover the charm of the town and its history. It was a fortress that protected its population during the seventeenth century. It has been declared a historic town in 1974.


Its narrow cobbled streets unveils its history of Muslim origin (the Moorish occupation ended in the twelfth century). The village shows two cultures together.


You will also find a lot of souvenir shops for tourists and a multitude of restaurants with local cuisine.

guadalest visit the castle



San Jose Castle was built in the eleventh century by the musulmanes.


Build on the top of a large rock the only access was by a tunnel in 1644.


The Alcozalba strength has Orduna house, church and twelfth century prison.

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