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la llosa de la isla de benidorm diving spain

The llosa

Behind Benidorm Island, underwater, there is a plate named llosa.

This irregular plaque is the refuge of small purple prawns, octopus, dories and flabelines Dalmatians. Since this plate it is possible to go down to 30 meters along the wall and 40 after the second wall.
At this dive spot several possible itineraries.

La llosa la cara sur de benidorm diving spain

The South Face

of the Island

Quiet dive maximum depth 23 meters.
Beautiful rocky terrain with lots of fish.
Perfect for night dives, where many fish are visible, sole, conger and muraines who hunt, octopus and flying fish.

diving spain isle of benidorm

The North Face

of the Island

Diving nice and quiet along the cliffs of the island. Breeding grounds of sea eagles and rays in autumn.

Relief large rocks that form balconies, arches filled with yellow anemones and a cave with a virgin.

cueva del elefante buceo benidorm diving spain

The Elefant Cave


Next to the border of the big montain on the sea, a little cave.


Easy dive, sand and cave