caves of canelobre

Canelobre Caves


23 km from Alicante, 700 m above sea caves are inside the Canelobre Golden dek.

The vault is one of the highest in Spain.

There is a room for visitors, the others are for espeleogia and represent a total of 80,000m2.

It can be seen in the cave the strange and beautifull shapes of stalactites and stalagmites.

During the Civil Spanish War it was used as refudio Republican aviation.

castle of busot

Busot Village


The origen of this town was Muslim. A time ago this town had next to his castle a Arab glass industry.


Where found next to the castle preserved peaces of Arab glass.


This town was linked to Alicante, and after it was part of the reign of Valencia and became independent in 1773.

From aparthotel benidorm Maria Cristina Beach to cuevas de Canelobre around 45 minutes.