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The history of Altea


Its name comes from the Greek Althaia, which means "I cure" or from the Arabic word aṭṭaláya.

Found Iberian and Roman vestiges.


During the last years of Muslim rule, he belonged to the Faifa Altea Denia. It was conquered by Jaime I of Aragon in 1244.

The eighteenth century was an agricultural, fishing, commercial and demographic development, which led to 5,000 inhabitants in the century.

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A typical village


The old part of Altea has lovely views of the sea and mountains. The people from Altea call's this area the Fornet and is one of the most beautiful parts of the town with white houses and narrow streets.


Torre de la Galera. Declared of Cultural Interest.

Bellaguarda tower. Old watchtower

Parish Church of Nuestra Sra. Del Consuelo. It is the main church of Altea, known for its two domes, is the emblem of the city and is called "the dome of the Mediterranean".

Hermitages. Altea has a large number of rural chapels, which can be visited on the "Route of them Ermites" once a year.

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Orthodox church of Altea


It was the first Orthodox temple built in Spain. It was blessed on November 11. 2007.


It is dedicated to Archangel Michael, and is a replica of an orthodox church of the seventeenth century.


Pair construction materials were brought from the Urals. Inside there are frescoes made by artists from Moscow.