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The first Maria Cristina was built in 1962. At that time it was one of the first buildings of this beach. It consisted of two small separate houses with a small park with a fountain and a tennis court. At that time the preference was that the apartments have mountain views and all the buildings had an elongated structure towards Alicante (in Benidorm some old buildings still retain this curiosity).


In 1986 start’s the construction of the present building of red bricks. With a new modern design. A building where all the studies and the apartments have sea views and private terraces to enjoy it. The back will only have stairs, elevators and hallways. This clean structure is used in the south of Spain to facilitate the passage of frech air and cool the apartments during the war summer months.


There is a pool in a large tropical garden overlooking the beach and sea. The pool has two parts: a deep swimming part and a separate kids pool. The garden has a typical vegetation of the region. Palm trees are home, they where always there (formed part of an oasis in this place), the old olive tree was brought from a nearby town with other garden plants. In 2014 where aded Italian garden chairs.


There is an outside parking in the back of the building with 18 places and an underground parking garage with other 18 prking places.


Our first customers were Spanish, French, Englich and German. Today we continue with much happiness receiving the third generation of some families. A historical fact: in Benidorm with German first bikinis come to Spain in the 50s Benidorm begins the story of bikini.

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IN SUMMER: Family Holidays


The apartments are all with sea view in first line on the beach. They have a nice terrace to enjoy nice holidays with your family.


The beach in front of the bulding is with gold sand, the water on the river is not deep and there are no current.


There is a pool with an area for the children.

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IN WINTER: Enjoy peace


In winter they are special winter prices per month from october to march.


They includes one cleaning a week with change of towels and bed sheets.


The apartments have all in winter central heating and duvets.