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Geographic situation

Maria Cristina Beach Apartments


Maria Cristina Beach Apartments, aparthotel benidorm, are situated on the frontline of the Poniente Beach in Benidorm, Costa blanca. It is a quiet, residential area. The beach has fine sand and a length of three km. This area is ideal for families, the shoreline is shallow and there are no currents. In high season you can rent sunbeds, and beach umbrellas.


Various gastronomic restaurants serving local cuisine, two Italian restaurants Va Bene and DiMare. Restaurants specialising in paellas, a newsagents, a pharmacy, a small supermarket.


Within walking distance from aparthotel benidorm behind there is a Mercadona (big supermarket), a butchers, banks, Hairdresser´s and a florist. There is a bus stop outside our building which will take you into the centre in a few minutes. The last stop is the Benidorm bus station. Another nearby stop will take you to the Theme Parks, Terra Mitica and Terra Natura, the shopping centre La Marina, Carrefour and Lidl, and near to one of the tram stops. aparthotel benidorm


The distance from the aparthotel benidorm to the centre is 1km, 25 minutes walking of 5 minutes by car. From the airport it is around 50 minutes by car. (There are various bus services which willl take you to a stop near us at a good price).


From the aparthotel benidorm Maria Cristina Beach to the Valencia airport it´s around 80 minutes by car. From the aparthotel Maria Cristina Beach to Renfe train station in Alicante it´s about 45 minutes, and from Benidorm bus station around 10 minutes.

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The quality of the air is excellent

The quality of the air breathes in Benidorm is excellent


WHO (the World Health Organization) carries out an analysis of air quality in 1,600 towns of 91 countries, of which it is detached which more half of the world population breathes ofthe contaminated air. In their last study 46 Spanish big cities appear, of which 37 neglect the levels recommended of pollution, and only 9, which Benidorm figure, has the indices recommended. Benidorm records 9 micrograms per cubic meter.


The data refer to different years (since 2008 to 2012) and they were compiled through different systems of measurement, this why the organization refuses to return a classification hierarchical of the big cities more and less contaminated. The “Conselleria” of Environment of Generalitat de Valence installed during the year 1994 a measurement of atmospheric pollution in the tourist office of Cl.Derramador. In this measurement one recorded data of sulphur dioxide and suspended particles (HMN) (SO2). However, the reorganization of this office posed the possibility of the installation of a new station within the boundary of ecoparque police officer.


Consequently, since the year 2004 one carries out daily registers of the following parameters: sulphur dioxide, suspended particles totals (PST), carbon monoxide (CO), nitric oxyde (NOT), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), nitrogen oxides (Nox), ozone (O3) and lead (Pb). Come to enjoy our nice air to the aparthotel Maria Cristina beach.

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Beach life


The Maria Cristina Beach aparthotel Benidorm is located in La Cala of Benidorm on the beach front. It represents the typical quiet and peaceful Spanish life on the beach. Everything is done for the comfort and tranquility of the people for quiet and relaxing holiday. A Family run for over 50 years the business, the atmosphere is warm and friendly. Some families come already for three generations and are like other customers wonderful people.


The beautiful tropical garden in front of the bulding with its pool and italian sun loungers are apreciated by all. Families with small children come here after the beach, in the afternoon it's time for siesta and everyone is resting, and in the evening the young people meet there.


Our apartments offers you the option to rent a parking space or an underground garage on site (do not worry about finding a place to park his your car, in summer July and August it is very difficult to find).


The building Maria Cristina Beach aparthotel Benidorm is protected by a security guard when the reception closes.


The company Maria Cristina beach, aparthotel benidorm, gets aswell other nice apartments in other buldings in the area.

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Benidorm the city of welfare


Soon Benidorm could becomes Prime World Heritage built Site in the XX century according to information given by the former advised the ONU environment. A unique city in social, urban and economic way.


"There is no place on earth like Benidorm"

said Mario Gaviria (National Environmental price), disciple of the famous philosopher and sociologist Henri Lefebvre who described the city as "the most livable city after World War II"


As we said Gaviria, "it is the only city to represent the ideal wellness» 

Como and enjoy the city with us in aparthotel benidorm Maria Cristina Beach



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Enjoy your holidays

Maria cristina Beach  offers to rent apartments

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Cheaper accommodation with more freedom and benefits

Rent an apartment is usually cheaper than going to the hotel.


Real space in terms of area is much higher, you will be much more comfortable and will have more living space for the duration of your stay in our apartment. You can choose Maria Cristina Beach, Ulia, Nere or  Emperatriz.


Aparthotel Benidorm designed for the life of every day, an apartment also has a kitchen that give you the freedom to eat what you like, while make alswell the choice if you like to go to the restaurant. A hotel force you to consumingits products and services (external products are never welcome). Maria Cristina Beach aparthotel benidorm will help and advise in your choices.


Discover what you need:


If you are 2 or 3 people:

If you are 4, 5 or more people:

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Maria Cristina Beach inform's you about Spanish people

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The spanish people is very nice and happy  people, they like tourists and will come to you.

There cuture is open mind and they are courius and like the people. they are very freindly and will do there best to make you fill confortable in Spain.

They like a lot there culture, food and nature and will share it with the tourist to make your holidays as nice as posible.


L'aparthotel benidorm Maria Cristina Beach will help you to discover this nice area and his culture (restaurants, trekking, visits) and the fiestas.


The spanish are very pround of there culture and history. If you like culture or history tell them and share part of the rich spanish culture. The men like a lot sports and the women like culture.


They have a very good sence of humor, a litle diferent than other countries but very cool.


Aparthotel benidorm will help you to discover there region and the nice sapnich costums 


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Do you need holidays, you not stand stress anymore,

You can not stand the stress of everyday you want or need to go to Benidorm on Costa Blanca the holiday aparthotel Maria Cristina Beach offers a rent for apartments in the most beautiful existing Mediterranean nature.

Whatever your cravings, your habits and your taste, apartment on the Costa blanca Benidorm aparthotel MCBeach responds to all the expectations of the most demanding people. The nature of the Costa Blanca has a wonderful nature. the website of Benidorm aparthotel also gives you a lot of information on the environmental activities to be carried out visits throughout your stay Benidorm aparthotel strive to provide all the information so you can make your choice in any event in tourists from around the world drawn to the heavenly places of the Costa Blanca, where the climate is exceptionally mild.

A holiday rental in a apartment proposed much more than rest on the coast, which stretches from Valencia to El Pozo de los frailes just above El Ejido The Costa Blanca is part valence province, wild and rugged coastline of the Costa Blanca, Benidorm aparthotel opens peaceful and pleasant holiday on the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains of regionde valence. In all these magnificent regions, Benidorm aparthotel offers a large amount of apartments for rent, which will undoubtedly delight you.


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Aparthotel Benidorm: nice rooms for rent in Spain

Spain, beautiful Mediterranean country, is one of the most popular destinations for English and neighboring countries in the region of Costa Blanca where our aparthotel Benidorm are located, the country has the advantage of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, and to count a large number of very pleasant beaches.

You wish to stay in an aparthotel Benidorm, but you do it in time to a few days of your departure no problem, we have what you need: the aparthotel Benidorm Maria Cristina Beach on the Costa Blanca, and at prices very advantageous!

Tourism in Spain: a few steps from your apartment hotel benidorm tradition, beach, sun and entertainment are waiting for you.

Numerous possibility that it shares with its guests. Benidorm close to your aparthotel All conditions are together to spend a dream holiday in Benidorm aparthotel, you will have the joy to enjoy the amazing beaches and the warm sun and if you want to enjoy in a luxurious apartment hotel benidorm owns the product that suits you. In addition, each side is different, giving you the ability to continuously discover new horizons near your Benidorm aparthotel.

And those who love the festival will be surprised in Spain; but those looking for more quieter holiday will take an aparthotel Benidorm naturally,

A trip to stay in Spain for more cultural investigators.

Spain, it is not only an extraordinary country for its beaches and fiestas. It is also a great country with a legendary cultural heritage and architectural very rich, you can explore during your stay in Benidorm aparthotel. The country famous conquistadors who established a vast colonial empire and propagated the Spanish language and culture through all the country!

During your holiday, it will be revealed that each region of Spain has its own character., The birthplace of Spanish flamenco, is very rich regions in architecture. Around your Benidorm aparthotel, extraordinary hikes available holidaymakers.

For dining, the delights of Spain will enchant your stay an infinite number of colors: oranges, lemons, paella with a glass of sangria ... an infinite number of flavors that are waiting for you and your friends family with an aparthotel Benidorm in Spain! A character with magnificent landscapes country welcomes you. Spend an incredible stay under the sign of discovery.

Finally: the aparthotel Benidorm Maria Cristina Beach is really ideal for the holidays!